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Posted By: Allan C.
10-Jan-14 - 02:23 PM
Thread Name: FSGW Getaway 1999 - Group Photo
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway99 - Group Photo (Sandy P.)
I think my problem with identification stems largely from trying to think of these folks as standing in anything resembling rows. So I will begin again by attempting to list them in order from left to right as though there were a vertical line moving in that direction (which is precisely the way I am doing it.) Thus we have:

voyager, Roger in Baltimore, Blank, bbc (with Mudcat shirt,) Blank1 (above and behind bbc,) Duane D., Vixen, Susan of
DT, Blank2 (almost directly above Susan of DT and behind Duane D.,) Reynaud, LaMarca, Charlie Baum, Lorraine, Jennifer Woods, Bill D, songbob, Barry Finn, Blank3 (with Mudcat shirt,) Uilleand, Big Mick, Moonchild, Carolyn, Joe Offer, karen k, Jeri, Sandy, Max, Cara, Sondra Steigen, Blank4, Dick Greenhouse (bending over in front of Blank4,) Blank5, Ferrara

At least I think this is right so far. Please correct me or help to fill in the Blanks. Thanks