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Posted By: Allan C.
12-Jan-14 - 08:49 PM
Thread Name: FSGW Getaway 1999 - Group Photo
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway99 - Group Photo (Sandy P.)
Thank you very much indeed, Jeri. I do certainly remember her from the gathering she had at her Jersey Shore house in 1998, (as well as the ones she had after). That was when I first met Bill Sables. But damn me for a lousy memory! I really thought she had only been to one Getaway. But I would really have a hard time believing she is Blank5. in truth, I am pretty sure that the one you indicate, Jeri, is not Anna; but I am not acquainted with who else she might be. At the same time I truly appreciate how difficult it is to make a positive ID from this medium quality snapshot. I'm reasonably sure, though, now that you have helped me to remember it, that AnnaP, (as she was known in those days,) and her husband had to leave early, after the first night and therefore, could not have been in the picture.

As my recollection goes, and believe that as you may, we were all packing our cars or getting ready to leave, if we hadn't already done so, and someone cried out that we should have a picture done. So, whichever of us was handy formed ourselves hastily into a pose proper to the occasion,(I think it was along side of the "meeting hall" where we all first assembled and sang in a huge singaround before much else happened,)ad thus the picture was taken. It is as likely to have FSGW members in it as it is to have Mudcat members in it. It may even have spouses of significant others of either caste in it for all I know. I only know that I can't identify a few of them despite being well acquainted with a good many of both FSGW and or Mudcat members of that era.

Please, to avoid more confusion, when someone may attempt to identify Blanks in the photo, name them according to Blank1, Blank2 or Blank3, etc., perhaps helpfully adding of whom they are on the left or right or behind.