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Posted By: beardedbruce
14-Jan-14 - 09:24 AM
Thread Name: FSGW Getaway 1999 - Group Photo
Subject: RE: FSGW Getaway99 - Group Photo (Sandy P.)
I was at that Getaway, but not active in Mudcat. I had been bringing a Zenith 248 ( AT class machine) to copy and distribute the Digital Tradition floppies.

Sonnet 03/11/07                                  MLXV

To absent friends and lost loves let us drink,
Recalling smiles and times that all once shared.
On those no longer near let us now think,
To bring back reasons that for them we cared.
Some are not here, yet still remain, within
The songs and words they left behind. And some
Are in our souls, when hopes or dreams begin:
A part of what each of us have become.
To those apart let us now raise a glass
And take a moment to give thanks for all
That we from others have ourselves received.
The world's a school, and our lives just a class
In playing well with others. Can we call
It more? Are we by our egos deceived?