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Posted By: Jack the Sailor
20-Jan-14 - 03:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'Militant Atheism' is a propaganda term
Subject: RE: BS: 'Militant Atheism' is a propaganda term
>>>I haven't read the rules. I have no intention of reading the rules. If Max wants half a debate in these threads that would be his affair,<<<

That works very well for me as it allows me to rub your nose in your own pig headedness and disrespect for this forum. And anyone who wants to see if what you are doing is right, they can read the rules of the forum. As I said, point out your antisocial behavior on this forum is more fun than wallowing in your mud.

>>> but from where I am sitting, challenging bigotry, homophobia, misogyny and crass stupidity <<<   

You are doing none of those things. You are childishly calling people names. How do you think you are challenging bigotry by perpetuating stereotypes by using terms like "Paki" and "Ginger?"
I have not seen the people you call "bigots" use these terms to refer to people, only you. But there is no rule against being a weekminded hypocrite who hides behind so-called humor, which a lot of bigots do. So if I thought that was what you are doing I probably wouldn't bother to point it out other than to enjoy the irony of you calling people "bigot."

I have enough to enjoy in pointing out every day that you are again being an obnoxious stubborn rule breaker and then watching you use playground psychology to try to get me to stop. By all means don't read the rules and abide by them if that is the kind of man you are Ian Mather.

>>is not on his shit list just yet. I hope it never is, but if it ever is, hopefully hatred will be barred at the same time.<<<

I don't think its a "shit list" Ian. I don't think he wants to be your daddy. I think he posted those rules expecting most of us to be grown ups and respect them. I would like for you to be a grown up and respect the posted rules. But I don't think that you will.

>>>Pissing on the carpet is one thing, but the likes of Goofus and the worm drop the odd shit on it for good measure. <<<

Look at that you literally dropped a "shit" on this thread.

And biting at the other puppies and worse, not learning, will get you sent to the pound.