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Posted By: GUEST,The Ghost of Christmas Past
21-Jan-14 - 03:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'Militant Atheism' is a propaganda term
Subject: RE: BS: 'Militant Atheism' is a propaganda term
Ian, GfS did NOT express hatred for homosexuals, that is only YOUR take on it. Sounds like the hatred is in your head.

GfS happens to have had some of the most insightful, interesting, witty, amusing and entertaining posts on Mudcat.

It certainly appears to me, that because GfS has also accurately pointed out some of the most egregious examples of hypocrisy in our political divide, Don Firth being the most glaring example, that Don encouraged Stilly River Sage to boot him off, whether temporarily or not, time will tell, because GfS accurately called Don's opinionated hypocrisy for what is is, and Don just couldn't handle it!

With that in mind, instead of making Mudcat a fair place for different perspectives and exchange of varying ideas, Stilly River Sage, along with the nonsense of the lunatic fringe of the left, is turning Mudcat into a place that is 'safe for hypocrisy'.

A protest is in order!

The Ghost of Christmas Past
(And NO, I'm not GfS)