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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
22-Jan-14 - 01:12 AM
Thread Name: BS: 'Militant Atheism' is a propaganda term
Subject: RE: BS: 'Militant Atheism' is a propaganda term
Hang in there, Jack, and check this out...........

Jack the Sailor: "I don't think it is GfS SRS. The content is very similar but the writing style is way different."

"I stand corrected."

Firth: "I think Stilly checked the IP number, Jack. The style is not that different."

Firth: "Yep!"

Gillmor: "I understand, Goofass. I wouldn't want to be identified as GfS either."

The Ghost of Christmas Past: "(And NO, I'm not GfS)"

Stilly River Sage: "Yes you are."

Oh Goodie!! A PERFECT EXAMPLE of what I just previously posted, which was:

From: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
Date: 20 Jan 14 - 12:33 PM

"Let me re-phrase...Politics is the tactic of deceiving people, through propaganda, to build a consensus by getting people to abandon their common sense..."

Jack, your instincts and common sense was absolutely correct!
It wasn't me.....Now note the feeling you get when this question is answered, versus the feeling of having to abandon your common sense...
(sometimes a well placed question can change a life)...and remember atheism does not believe in God nor his laws, like lying etc etc...

Stilly and Don say it was because they checked my IP address..therefore it was me......

Now here's the question....
How could it have been my IP address when my IP address was blocked??
She said she checked..Don said, "I think Stilly checked the IP number, Jack. The style is not that different."

Whatever you detected, when you said "....but the writing style is way different" was your common sense. Their Atheist/'so-called liberal' Propaganda made it appear different, appealing to those with like ideologies...

Truth, and this can be verified by a truly objective 'moderator'...and if found to be true, SRS should be canned.....
That IP address has never ever been used by me, in 9196 posts, and she blocked my computer.

'Militant Atheism' is Godless propaganda"...No laws of 'love' or 'honesty'.....deceiving those who they can...See how it works?
..and the difference between left and right all about it is handled, and who controls long as 'WE, THE PEOPLE' are passive, obedient consumers!..they will have NOTHING to do with freedom and/or independent thinkers...matter of fact, they'd like to exterminate us all!!

Happy Realizations!