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Posted By: Claire M
01-Feb-14 - 11:31 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat Friendships
Subject: RE: Mudcat Friendships

No matter what you're into, deep abiding f'ships v rare anyway. Which 1 is Spaw ?? & the lady on this side => that long skirt of yours is lovely.

Since I am also on Talkawhile I did ask 1 of the ladies who took me to Moonhenge re this, she is a bit scary!! She said it wouldn't be safe cos although *I* might have my wits about me& know when something isn't quite right w/ someone, my flatmates don't/won't. Irritating but I spose it's only like parents looking out for you.

Still I sing, bonny boys, etc.

True story; had visit from mum's friend who I had cited as starting me on my musical journey. I'd organised a shopping trip but was told I couldn't go cos it was raining, which wasn't safe for my (indoor/outdoor though thoroughly crap) wheelchair. The sun's streaming through my window @ this point. I think to myself, something's not right here. Mum's friend turns up, w/ an aura round him I wish I had; cue lots of mouths hanging open, faffing about to get pix etc., while we looked @ each other totally confused.

He'd told everyone he was an old rock star. His last name happens to be Knight. Since my devotion to a certain bunch of folk-rock stalwarts, 1 of whose last name is (was now) also Knight is well-known, there'd been a bit of a mix-up. ☻