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Posted By: Bill D
02-Feb-14 - 11:08 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat Friendships
Subject: RE: Mudcat Friendships
Sure Grishka... it's almost impossible to really get a full impression from just online/Mudcat. One thing is 'physical appearance. If you spent 3-4 years imagining a tall, thin guy of 50, and he turns out to be short, round and 75, it can be a shock.
Also, some people just 'project' themselves differently in person. There was one person who quite impressed me for several years here, but when I finally met them in person they seemed very reserved and didn't seem to interact with a 'live' group too well.
Another person had personal issues that were not that apparent in posts, but were expressed in very sad ways in a group.
Then...*smile*... there were people who were even MORE delightful in person and made me wish they didn't have to go home again.

It is true that some let their *digital* personality go places that they'd not easily express in face-to-face meetings. You can probably think of examples.