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Posted By: Mo the caller
03-Feb-14 - 04:33 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat Friendships
Subject: RE: Mudcat Friendships
Lots to think about in this thread.
Yes most of the friendships we make through folk music and dancing are really more 'aquaintances', sharing what we enjoy doing. But the more aquaintances we have the more chance of finding friends when we need each other.
The folk community is generous, both in person and online. I found the value of it before I knew about Mudcat - in a strange town (Beverley) suddenly after a night at Nellies or the Hull folk dance club, there were people who said hello in the High Street. It made a difficult situation bearable. Also in Cheshire where callers and musicians encouraged and mentored me when I was starting to call, and put up with my wrong notes in sessions.
Mudcat is a great way in to all this. Helps us find out what's on in our locality and places we are visiting. Means that the familiar faces we see at festivals are easier to put names to.
Through Mudcat, as well as musical advice I've also had some of the other things you get from friends -
warning of roadworks on the way to a festival
sheet music posted across the Atlantic
contact with a band who I enjoy calling with
mackerel (delivered at a session recommended on Mudcat and cooked in my holiday flat).