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Posted By: Clifton53
19-Dec-00 - 10:22 AM
Thread Name: Help: Bronchitis
Subject: RE: Help: Bronchitis
Yes my ribs are killing me right now. The last time I had it, I must've loosened a kidney stone with the coughing, so I had that to deal with as well.

I feel better just reading these postings and hearing about different experiences with this condition. This forum never ceases to amaze me,i.e. in under two hours I had 8 or 9 responses to my query. The level of caring and compassion is truly gold. Even though we sometimes fight and insult each other, it's good to know that when the chips are down, a person can truly get some help here.

InOBU, I am indeed trying to quit smoking and your heartfelt advice is most appreciated. Sorry about your Dad and your cuz.

Jeanne, this is a very nice place on the whole and you should revisit often. Hope everything works out,let us know.

Sophocleese, I do have a humidifier running intermittently, the house is very dry without it.

Thanks Allan, Bagpuss, jeffp and Guest. I appreciate your help