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Posted By: Phil Edwards
03-Feb-14 - 06:06 PM
Thread Name: Kenneth Williams as Rambling Sid Rumpo
Subject: RE: Kenneth Williams as Rambling Sid Rumpo
What I meant was that all three of those titles were available - for example - in the Daily Express Community Song Book

Fascinating - I'd never heard of it. Come to think of it, while I've heard of "community singing" I don't know a thing about it. I can't help imagining an alternative Revival in which the Daily Express Community Song Book became the British RUS. (Or perhaps a more left-wing alternative; the News Chronicle Community Song Book?)

You'd have been unlikely, I suspect, to have heard those songs in the folk club movement, where they would have been considered old hat

Good heavens. Old Folk Songs "Too Old", Say Folk Singers? I don't think anything traditional would get frowned on in this way these days, with the possible exception of some of the Irish songs. Reminds me a bit of this thread on FRoots. Personally I thoroughly enjoy hearing TLP, not to mention Glorious Ale, the Barley Mow and the Old Dun Cow, to cite some of the usual suspects - and I've never even heard The Keeper. But then I haven't been doing this stuff for that long (six years, give or take).