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Posted By: Mark Clark
19-Dec-00 - 11:04 AM
Thread Name: Help: Bronchitis
Subject: RE: Help: Bronchitis
Clifton, You have my total sympathy. I used to suffer from bronchitis all the time. I was a smoker too, started heavily at age 15. During a physical at age 18 my doctor was very worried about my chest X-rays. He told me that if I didn't quit smoking, I'd have chronic bronchitis by the time I was 25. Of course at age 18 we're all invincible so I paid no attention. At age 25, right on schedule, there I was with chronic bronchitis. Unfortunately 25 year olds are also invincible so I just waited another 5 years to see if the whole thing would just go away. Unfortunately, it wouldn't, and as you know by now, chronic bronchitis makes you really, really sick a great deal of the time.

One day I woke up in bed to learn that I'd been essentially unconscious for three days with a very high fever the whole time. Everyone was very worried. Holy cow! I thought, reaching automatically for a smoke, I'd better go see a doctor. Then for some reason it occurred to me that I had not been smoking for the three days I was out of it and maybe I should continue that behavior. I became a non smoker right on the spot have haven't touched tobbaco since. That was nearly 29 years ago.

Not only did I stop smoking but I began a vitimin regimen that I thought would help my body with the healing process. I felt better almost immediately and bouts of bronchitis became less frequent. Finally after about 10 years, they stopped alltogether. I don't kid myself that I'm home free. I could still develop emphysema or lung cancer as a result of my smoking and I don't claim to lead (or preach) a healthy lifestyle but that one act of willpower has done a great deal to improve my own life and that of my family.

Good luck. Hope you feel better.

      - Mark