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Posted By: The Sandman
06-Feb-14 - 12:53 PM
Thread Name: Kenneth Williams as Rambling Sid Rumpo
Subject: RE: Kenneth Williams as Rambling Sid Rumpo
We had a Sid Rumpo here in yorkshire many years ago called Walter Greaves - an admirable man in many ways, but a complete phony as a singer."
Walter Greaves a phony? why was he a phoney as a singer, this is bloody disgraceful, I would not describe walter greaves as a rambling syd greaves achieved more in his life than many of the Pooters on this forum
as for the kippers, well their timing was good, particularly, dick nudds[aka ruth ellis nudds], but in my opinion too much of their parodies were just reversals of the story line. walter greaves once did a gig in mildenhall suffolk, and rode home to yorkshire on his bicycle[not bad for a man with one arm], when you can do that gordon t, you may call yourself a true tyke.phoney,disgraceful, wheres jim carroll.