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Posted By: O'Boyle
26-Aug-98 - 01:23 AM
Thread Name: Half way to St. Patrick's Day party
Subject: RE: Half way to St. Patrick's Day party
This discussion reminds me of a joke...

There is an old Irishman in a pub when 3 englishmen come in and decide to see if they can get him to lose his temper. The first one walks up to him and says, "The Irish are bunch of drunks." The old man just sits there. The second man walks up and says, "Saint Patrick was a bastard." Again, the man says nothing. The third englishman crosses the room and says, "Saint Patrick was a English." The Old man calmly replies, "So I've your friend tells me."

Here in southern California, my group of freinds use the Notre Dame-USC football game as an excuse to have a party about half way to St. Patrick's, even if its not really halfway.