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Posted By: Áine
19-Dec-00 - 03:04 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 46
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 46
I love it, Bardford!! ;-) Here's your Silver B.L.O.B. for:

Let's eat a barenaked Buddhist on his way to Nirvana through the zoo
His transcendental quest has got us feeding
Like our cousins back in the jungle do
But he's a scrawny old fella, with crunchy patellas
And hardly no meat on his frame, toss him back over the cage
I ain't eating vegan again

And bert, even though you only gave us one verse, it's a grand one, and here's your Silver B.L.O.B. for:

Eat me in Sri Lanka, Lanka
Eat me at the zoo
Don't tell me the lions are hungry
for anyone but you
I admit I was rather hasty
but the lions found me tasty
So, Eat me in Sri Lanka, Lanka
Eat me at the zoo

And here's your Silver B.L.O.B., dear Bradypus, for your very tasteful lines:

With my arm and my leg in the lion
I couldn't stand up straight and tall
And then in the groin the beast mauled me -
That lion was having a ball!

And a Silver B.L.O.B. to Scotsbard for his wonderful historical twist with:

Lately incarnations have moved slowly,
And meditation hasn't been worthwhile.
Becoming human cat treat might seem holy,
But marinated Christian 's more their style.

You all are just brilliant, each and every one of you!

-- Áine