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Posted By: GUEST,emily b
19-Dec-00 - 05:10 PM
Thread Name: Origins: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
Subject: RE: Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel-need help
Thanks everyone for responding. Sorry I didn't check back in sooner. I was distracted between the sheets...LOL!

Actually, I was distracted by Christmas stuff, etc. Now that I'm re-reading my original post, I realize that I wasn't very clear. I know the carol, the tune and the melody. It was this counter-melody and words I'm looking for. Animaterra, I can't remember a blasted thing about it except that I participated in the singing of it. But I was singing the regular melody and words.

It's probably some obscure tune/lyrics that someone realized worked with the carol but wouldn't normally go with it.

Marion, thanks for the concern about the thread creep. It does get a bit much at times. Fortunately, I've been around long enough to understand it. As soon as I get online at home I'll sign up for real.

Thanks again.

If I ever find this, I'll post it.

Happy Holidays to all,

Emily B