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Posted By: gnu
12-Feb-14 - 04:18 PM
Thread Name: What's the weather like where you are?
Subject: RE: What's the weather like where you are?
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From: gnu - PM
Date: 12 Feb 14 - 05:34 AM

I sit on the lap of winter. As I type, it is -20C about 2m away. The only thing between myself and frostbite is an R12 wall and nuclear power. But, it is gonna warm up... so it can snow. Wild predictions abound in the media, delivered in ominous hype by weather terrorists who desperately need ratings. Environment Canada says "... we could get some "heavy at times" snow, maybe some rain, and expect strong winds in coastal regions... we'll see." Jonna Brewer of the CBC Radio show Early Morning just said that she heard as much as 55cm and high winds. 'Wailin' Kalin Mitchell of CBC NB TV was in fine form last evening and even said 80km winds. I haven't made a final forecast for Thursday night and Friday personally but my preliminary forecast is "It's February in New Brunswick. I need a turnip for my chicken stew."

From that same thread, moments ago...

Well talk about Mudcat Mojo! Downgraded to about 20cm of snow tomorrow eve/night, 70kph, then 30mm of rain, and + (yes +!!!) 7C on Friday. Snow Saturday but not much.