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Posted By: Sandra in Sydney
14-Feb-14 - 12:21 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Problems With Yahoo Mail
Subject: RE: Tech: Problems With Yahoo Mail
my main email address is with one of Australia's largest ISPs & my second, the one I use when I don't want to give my name is with gmail, where I also have 2 addresses for organsations I belong to.

I also administer a yahoo group & several years ago I was forced to get another yahoo address to join a forum whcih I only use on the forum. I've had trouble at various time logging into these addresses. I don't get spam on the group address, but I do get occasional spam on my personal address.

gmail is not a bad service but it does have it's little 'features' like the stupid boast ya don't need to ever delete anything cos you have zillions of bytes! And it's decision to put it's own weird labels on mail (it took a while to find out how to remove that 'feature')

Since the recent gmail "upgrade" I've also had trouble logging into these addresses. The new gmail is set up to look pretty on mobile (cell) phones & to annoy those of us who have more than one address. If you (whoever you might be) have more than 1 gmail address, make sure you untick the 'Stay Signed in' box, or you won't be able to sign into another address UNTIL you have shut down. It took me a hwile to figure that one our.

Anyway, the best way to find a good service, apart from asking friends, is to conduct searches on "forums on gmail" or "forums on hotmail" etc & ignore the company-run forums & look for advice on other sites.