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Posted By: Andrez
14-Feb-14 - 02:42 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Problems With Yahoo Mail
Subject: RE: Tech: Problems With Yahoo Mail
Hi Ebbie, its good to hear you dont have the kind of problems other 'catters have reported earlier in this thread.

Lots of people dont but for those who do and dont feel they are getting the support hey need from those internet service providers my suggestion for non-US residents anyway is to use local internet service providers or as suggested above register a domain in your own name and assuming it is hosted in your own country, use email addresses attached to that domain. Then you know you have complete control over the accounts.

I have an email through a local ISP and only have minimal spam, some of which their spam filters pickup and the rest my filters pick up and block. Of course it helps if you dont hand out your details willy nilly to commercial websites or social media either.

The big providers like yahoo, gmail etc arent much better than microsoft in terms of customer service and support so why support them in turn? Free isn't always better when it comes to privacy.

Anyway, its horses for courses, what works for me may not do so for you.