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Posted By: bubblyrat
17-Feb-14 - 09:46 AM
Thread Name: Sidmouth Beach Store
Subject: RE: Sidmouth Beach Store
Derek Schofield ,
                   Yes, Robin Tedbury was one of two sons of Fred Tedbury who were in the Royal Navy . I stopped going to stay at the Winter Gardens after the end of 1966 ,when I left Yeovilton to join carrier HMS Eagle in Plymouth ; I never saw Robin again ,although we corresponded once or twice . I think he left the RN and became a policeman in Exeter .A few years ago, I was being treated in Sidmouth hospital ,when the subject of the Tedburys came up, and immediately you could cut the air with a knife !! " We never mention Robin Tedbury here , after what he did " , they said, although they didn't elucidate and would not answer questions ; so, I STILL don't know what he is supposed to have done,but it must have been pretty bad , I suppose ?? Do you know ?? I made a lengthy contribution to a book about Sidmouth (yours ??) a few years back, but it was not printed ( my contribution ) - perhaps whatever involved the Tedburys was the reason ?? And is it true that Fred used to dye his hair PINK to match his pink-dyed poodle ?? Ye Gods !!

Roger Mills in Tewkesbury