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Posted By: gnu
21-Feb-14 - 06:18 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
I use garden worms fer small brooks and a skeeter fly on bigger water and a Green Machine or Brown Bomber on yer rivers, dependin on the salmon mood.

Long (and good) story but here's the Reader's... I was fishin longside a Tom Sellick and Ted Williams at Gray Rapids on the Main Sou'west Miramichi. Wind come up. Them lads was castin like it was calm so I stayed in. Bad move! I was lucky when the line wrapped around my head that the fly didn't pierce the skin on my forehead. Ya know what a Green Machine goin a hundred miles an hour feels like when it hits ya hard enough ta leave a clearly defined mark? I'd hafta go back and find the story I wrote years ago to get the words exactly right but the gist of it is that Ted ended up sayin sommat like... if I did sommat that stupid, I wouldn't call attention to it. I watched (from a lawn chair on the other side of the river) that man fish for hours like I was a baseball fan and the World Series was on the boob tube. True poetry in motion. Sellick was good too. There was an old guide that would fish there sometimes. Only as tall as me but everyone reeled in, gave way and watched him. Didn't take long. Guess he knew when and where and what to throw.

Directly across the river is where I first met Ted.