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Posted By: beardedbruce
27-Feb-14 - 12:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: BDS of Israel 'Gathering Weight.'
Subject: RE: BS: BDS of Israel 'Gathering Weight.'
"I am very happy to boycott goods and services produced on occupied land and companies which supply goods and services used in the occupation of that land."

The problem is that unless you are boycotting

the US ( Native Americans),
Canada ( Native Americans)
Australia (Aboriginals),
China (Tibetans),
Russia (Chechnyians)
Iran (Ba'hias)

and a number of other nations, and those THEY do business with, the BDS is really aimed at Israel- and if ALL those who oppose anything Obama does do so because they are racist, as many here at Mudcat claim, that indicates that those who pick on Israel are doing so because it is the ONLY Jewish state and they are Anti-Jew..

In fact, a boycott of Israel will hurt the Palestinian economy far more than the Israeli one.

I note not one comment about the Arab states that

Prohibit Palestinians from settling as citizens
Have driven out MORE Jewish refugees than the number of Palestinians who fled Israel
Have Laws against JEWS (Not Israelis) limiting their rights

Nor do I see one mention of the Jews AND Christians ( pre-Israel) driven out of the West Bank
in 1948. I guess that the rights you are fighting to give to Palestinian Muslims do not apply to those Palestinians who are Jewish or Christian?