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08-Mar-14 - 12:44 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Are CDs becoming obsolete?
Subject: RE: Tech: Are CDs becoming obsolete?
"16/44.1k is more than enough as a consumer delivery medium. I bet you haven't got a listening environment where the noise is 96dB below the loudest music peaks you want to hear, which is what 16 bits give you.......   

......but opinions are divided on whether you really get anything useful for the extra disk space and processing power required."

As you say Treewind - opinions are divided - like seriously divided
- all over the internet; in prosumer / audiophile blogs & forums, Musicians & Music Technology student sites,
even half-wit angry teen music fan clubs...

Ok, so fair enough, you wouldn't, I would, and do.

I do have the storage capacity and playback technology,
nice headphones, decent DACs, regular NHS hearing tests;
and I do feel I can discern the difference to some reasonably satisfying extent
on some recordings.

And even if I like so many others may be fooling myself with a mere placebo effect, so what..

It's my choice, my leisure and hobby expenditure, and I do feel better for at least making informed decisions
and the effort to maintain some standards of hi fi integrity
in the face of mass complacency and acceptance of low grade lossy corporate consumer music market formats.

Oh yes, choice - 'measurable' technological benefits aside;
the practical choice can occasionally be made easier by the pernicious whims of record lable arshole executives..

A brickwalled over compressed clipping CD release, or the flat transfer from master tapes hi resolution download
with all original dynamic range and less aggressive EQ still intact.