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Posted By: treewind
08-Mar-14 - 09:09 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Are CDs becoming obsolete?
Subject: RE: Tech: Are CDs becoming obsolete?
"A brickwalled over compressed clipping CD release, or the flat transfer from master tapes hi resolution download
with all original dynamic range and less aggressive EQ still intact."

Yes, That's the problem with a lot of CDs made today, but 24 bits isn't the solution, nor is 16 bits the problem. You can get plenty of dynamic range with 16 bits, it never had to have the crap compressed out of the music in the first place (just to make it LOUD for the marketing execs is the sad real reason why that's done).

As for the endless debate about bit depths and sampling rates, at the heart of it is a huge amount of ignorance about how digital audio works. The myth that you lose detail "between the samples" or "between the quantization levels"... you can't explain it by drawing simple pictures.