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Posted By: Mark Cohen
21-Dec-00 - 12:53 AM
Thread Name: Anybody else hate parodies?
Subject: RE: Anybody else hate parodies?
Matt, I think you were right on in your original post when you said, "I hate parodies that attack the original song." I don't think attacking is fun anywhere in music. OK, I can think of two exceptions. Protest songs, that are attacking something very terrible, like Dylan's Masters of War; and a song I heard Janet Stecher sing many years ago that could have been written by Bob Blue, but maybe was by someone else: "I Hype the Songs." Laughed my F.A.O.Schwarz on that one.

I love parodies that clearly respect the original song, and aren't mean and attacking. I wrote a parody of "Rolling Down to Old Maui" back in 1983, but I don't sing it any more because I think it makes fun of something that is not at all laughable. Others may disagree...that's why we have chocolate and vanilla...and Barney.