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Posted By: Nigel Paterson
13-Mar-14 - 08:48 AM
Thread Name: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Subject: RE: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Janie, I can understand your concern for your son's trip, but as we say: It sounds like he's got his head screwed on the right way". What a great adventure! I'm sending him whoever or whatever it was that protected me during my rock climbing/mountaineering days.

Wendy, gnu's said it for me. Your sensitivity to your Mother's needs are remarkable. A lesson in Life & Living for us all.

Amergin, thank you for the refresh. Feels like a vote of confidence (-:

Gnu, thinking, hoping, wondering about you. Whatever your problem(s) is/are, it is my earnest wish that you be relieved of this burden soon & return to Jane's Rainbow to continue your voyage with us. You will be greatly missed in the interim.

I spent most of yesterday at a TIA clinic. I suffer from Hemiplegic Migraine, the symptoms of which closely resemble a stroke. Following the presentation of a new symptom after a recent attack, my GP made an urgent referral. Pleased to report that, after a battery of tests & scans, all symptoms would appear to be Migraine-related. However, it transpires, this type of Migraine doubles my chances of having a stroke, so as a precaution, I have to take 75mg of Aspirin each day. I feel relieved, but have not quite achieved 'peace of mind' status....yet! As Wendy would say: "Sailing on."
                                                                   With Love,