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Posted By: Songwronger
18-Mar-14 - 09:56 PM
Thread Name: BS: Thanx 4 the Russian Nuke War, Mr. Obama
Subject: BS: How can you listen to NPR?
Brought this up in a thread that just got zapped, but how DO you people listen to National Public Radio?

The way I understand the history of radio, the UK decided to go with a state sponsored system, and the US went with a commercial system. The same later applied to television. Radio and "telly" in the UK are paid for by the government through licensing fees, but commercial sponsorship pays the bills in the US.

And then there's National Public Radio, in the US. It receives government subsidies, grants from big, shady "philanthropist" organizations, and money from public donations. Supposedly this makes it "non-partisan," but it is anything but.

It is basically a running ad for the Democratic Party in America. Not that there's much difference between Democrat and Republican fascism, but the Democrats generate their power from divisiveness. They constantly pit white against black, male against female, rich against poor. Polarization sells.

Today I listened to NPR for an hour or so, and half of the stories had a racial component. Plus there was lots of man hating, rich vs poor and so on. Pukey, divisive stories. Made me feel really glum, so I do wonder, how do you people who listen to that stuff all the time stomach it?