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Posted By: Bert
19-Mar-14 - 07:06 PM
Thread Name: Paddy's Week: 'Different' Songs
Subject: RE: Paddy's Week: 'Different' Songs
It is magic when that happens Mr. Happy.

Here's one of mine

Exponential Blarney (Bert Hansell)
You can sing this to the tune of 'Back to Donnegal'

If you go to Ireland
and you have a tale to tell
They'll tell you a couple back
and tell 'em twice as well

For two for one's the deal me lads
The best you've ever known
For everyone in Ireland
E7            A
Has kissed the blarney stone

Now you've got three stories
You're really in a fix
Tell 'em to a friend be boys
and he'll come back with six

Now you've got nine stories
And as sure as Ireland's green
Tell 'em to a neighbor
And he'll tell you eighteen

Now I've twenty seven stories
And if I tell them to you
You'll have to tell me fifty four
Before this day is through

If you keep telling stories
As you go from door to door
You'll have fifty million stories
That you've never heard before