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Posted By: Steve Shaw
20-Mar-14 - 05:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: Freedom From Religion convention(US of course)
Subject: RE: BS: Freedom From Religion convention(US of course)
Having "notions", is not confined to people of faith Steven, you and those like you, would happily enforce your "notions" on anyone who disagreed with them.

Irksome in the extreme when, one's having gone to pains to use one's real name, some pillock then misspells it. Call me Steve, twat, ratbag, Wacko-baiter, Messiah, anything you bloody like. But not Steven. I've been Stephen since 1951, right? And the only person who ever calls me that and not Steve is my missus when she's pissed off with me. Only happened 23 times today. A good day.

Well now that that's cleared up, about these notions of mine. As far as I'm aware, I express my notions for folks to take or leave. I am no leader of men. I would not happily enforce my notions on anyone. Most of my notions are about trying to stop people of prejudice, such as yourself, and people of delusion, such as believers in God, forcing their notions on innocent people. I think I'm definitely in the rearguard there. May I use the word "rearguard" with a rabid homophobe such as yourself, by the way?