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Posted By: Songwronger
23-Mar-14 - 10:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: Thanx 4 the Russian Nuke War, Mr. Obama
Subject: RE: BS: Thanx 4 the Russian Nuke War, Mr. Obama
Well, I never voted for George W. Bush, yet I voted for Obama. Once.

Bush is the Butcher of 9/11. He was the puppet in chief who allowed Cheney and others to carry out that terrorist attack. And Obama covers for him. Both deserve fair trials and executions.

I'm not partisan. We only have one major political party in America, and it's run by bankers who have been waging war on Russia forever. I'm certainly not in favor of the Money party. I'm an FDR type of person.

Did any of you know that the Rockefellers and Rotschilds financed Lenin and the Bolsheviks? The Anglo-American banking empire took over Czarist Russia and ran it for nearly a hundred years, yet I bet most of you still think it was Commie vs Capitalist that whole time. Capital controlled the whole show.

I just get tired of big money running everything while they give us freaks like Bush and Obama to fight over. But I have to admit Obama's the freakiest of the lot that I've seen in that office. He makes me think of Caligula, who was raised in the east. Obama was raised by a transvestite nanny in Indonesia. He debases America (same as Caligula debased Rome), and both showed a penchant for torture. Bush is just a sadistic moron but Obama's a stone cold freak.