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Posted By: Songwronger
26-Mar-14 - 01:00 AM
Thread Name: BS: Thanx 4 the Russian Nuke War, Mr. Obama
Subject: RE: BS: Thanx 4 the Russian Nuke War, Mr. Obama
Don't lecture me on Obama and context. Point to an area where he hasn't betrayed his base. Hundreds of little betrayals, each somehow justified by his True Believers, who swear that he's just being taken "out of context." Hell, he just brought British Petroleum back under his wing, BP the mass-murdering polluter of the Gulf of Mexico. But I'm taking that out of context. I just don't understand. Obama's a liberal man, so he wouldn't do business with an evil corporation like BP. I'm just taking that action out of context.

And now he says he's concerned about the number one threat to the US and a nuke in Manhattan.

But why waste time on this? I made my point, that Obama is on video talking about a nuke in Manhattan. He's either going to set one off or he's just terrorizing, the way he likes to do.

You should know better, Amos. Aren't you a member of the self-styled "Greatest Generation"? Jeez.