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Posted By: gnu
05-Apr-14 - 02:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: Who got medical pot? Work? For what?
Subject: RE: BS: Who got medical pot? Work? For what?
Thanks Crowhugger. Dunno how I missed that. I ain't been smoking but baccy.

The only comment I can make on your comments is that the media reports state a forthcoming HUGE surge in medipot patients and there have been a number of BIG operations (16?) licenced to grow it, one of which is in the Moncton area. So, it seems to me the idea of it being limited to 'terminal' cases might be a rather strong statement at this time. Once again, allow me to harp on the same point(s)... I need to see strong evidence that it will help me and I need certain questions answered before I will consider it's use. You have provided evidence on a personal basis that I NEED to consider. So far, that's one vote 'nay' from a reliable source.