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Posted By: Penny S.
06-Apr-14 - 05:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: Mediaeval Fiction: any rec's??
Subject: RE: BS: Mediaeval Fiction: any rec's??
Odd, I thought I'd posted about Philip Rickman who's done a couple about John Dee, "The Bones of Avalon" and "The Heresy of Dr Dee", in which our hero works with Robert Dudley. Walsingham in involved.

I got irritated with Alys Clare, whose Weald began to be inhabited by well organised pagans, and whose nun got on well with them. I feel that suggestions about the untrackable nature of parts of the country which are accounted for in Domesday, being parts of estates expected to contribute financially to their owners, as well as being involved in industry are specious, and the evidence for the survival of organised paganism as opposed to folk beliefs is slim. It irritates me even more when the spirituality of said pagans is described with respect but that of the Christian religious is not given any weight. I want to know the evidence for any details the writer chooses to include, what sources there are, earlier than the 1920s, for any odd information that seems unusual.

Peter Tremayne manages religion more historically, and, not a mystery, and somewhat later, Elizabeth Goudge's "White Witch" is more convincing about the survival of old beliefs and knowledge.

Along with Pat McIntosh, I would include Shirley McKay for Scottish mysteries, a bit later, post-Reformation with kirk difficulties.