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Posted By: Ian HP
27-Aug-98 - 07:22 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: George Fox (Sydney Carter)
Subject: Tune Add: GEORGE FOX (Sydney Carter)
I thought this was important enough to start a new thread, just in case you don't spot it on the LYR. ADD: GEORGE FOX thread (though you folks are so eagle-eyed, that is highly unlikely). Now that I have figured out how to use my ABC programme, I realise there was one bum note on the George Fox tune, an octave too low, now corrected as follows. I haven't put in the htlm breaks, partly because I'm in a hurry to get off to a festival, and partly because I've copied directly from my programme, and guess it would therefore copy correctly onto yours. (Please let me know if this is right.) Regards, as always

T:George Fox

Didn't work, Ian. I had to add the line breaks, not that it was very hard to do. Tune works great now, though.
-Joe Offer-

% ABC2Win Version 2.1 28/08/98