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Posted By: BSeed
27-Aug-98 - 09:08 PM
Thread Name: A Question for All You Harmonica Players....
Zorro, I guess you need harps to cover the keys the people you play with like to play in, or to play along with any tapes or whatever. One more possibility would be Bflat, so you can play cross harp in F. Most folk, blues, and bluegrass (and country) are in your keys. Lee Oskar harps are also available in what they call Melody Makers which are made for playing complete melodies in draw style. I play these most of the time, these days, since I learned to find the melody on them. There are (also from Lee Oskar) harmonic minor harmonicas, appropriate for many folk songs--of course it is possible to play minor songs on major key harmonicas, but because of the doubled fifth, you lose the low sixth (on a standard 10 hole C harp, there's no low A, and since the A harmonic minor scale uses the same notes as the C scale, you lose an important note). --seed