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Posted By: Jim Dixon
21-Apr-14 - 01:43 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/chords Req: Eileen O'Grady
Subject: Lyr Add: EILEEN O'GRADY (from B O'Dowda & R Murray
This is my transcription from Spotify:

As sung by Brendan O'Dowda & Ruby Murray on Ruby Murray's album "Anthology" (2005)

1. There's a sweet little lady named Eileen O'Grady.
I wish I could call her my own.
Sure I won't be contented till she has consented
To be Mistress Barney Malone.
Now, I first met this treasure out walkin' at leisure
Alone on a bright summer's day.
Without any warnin' the top of the mornin'
I just says to her right away:

CHORUS: Come, come, beautiful Eileen, out for a drive with me,
Over the mountain and down by the fountain,
Over the high road and down by the low road.
Make up your mind; don't be unkind,
And we'll
drive through Castlebar.
To the road I'm no stranger; for you there's no danger,
So hop like a bird on me old jauntin' car.

2. But then I said, "No, sir; with you I sha'n't go, sir.
Don't think it ungrateful of me.
Sure I'd rather be walkin' than have people talkin'.
You know how the story would be."
He then whispered, "Jewel, don't treat me so cruel.
To treat me like this is a shame.
Give over your blarney and come with your Barney.
Now don't have me pleadin' in vain." CHORUS TWICE

[O'Dowda sings verse 1 solo; Murray sings verse 2 solo; they sing the choruses together.]