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Posted By: Steve in Sidmouth
23-Apr-14 - 01:10 PM
Thread Name: Sidmouth campsite to move?
Subject: RE: Sidmouth campsite to move?
You can walk up and down the roads using Google Streetview. You don't need to come here!!

I recently walked from town up and down to the proposed new campsite.

Walking back on the flat from the site to the top of Salcombe Hill took 5 minutes. Walking down the hill took 15 minutes, then a further 5 minutes to the Ham, making 25 minutes. I walk quite fast, so allow 35 minutes for amblers.

Going to the campsite, the stretches of level road are the same (allow 7 + 7 = 14) but walking up the hill (which somehow I managed to do without stopping) takes at least twice the time of coming down. So 15 becomes 30+ or maybe 40+ for most people. So in round figures I'd allow an hour to walk from town to the campsite.

This lends itself to a competition, provided appropriate medical facilities are in place along the route!

I'll try and time myself from the Ham to the 'new' campsite entrance sometime soon. If I live to tell the tale, I might issue a challenge..........all money to charity.

In answer to Susan B - there are no separate footpaths up Salcombe Hill or anywhere else in the vicinity unless you'd like a yomp along uneven distant bridlepaths - this has been discussed before on this thread.

On the steepest parts, and elsewhere, Salcombe Hill is little more than 12 feet wide. Most of the way it is 14 to 16 feet wide. None of the route is lit. It is a nice walk up Cliff Road and winding around to Alma Lane, but there is no other option for the longest and steepest part of Salcombe Hill, except the long way around via the A3052 of course.