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27-Apr-14 - 09:54 PM
Thread Name: Obit: Pete Seeger (1919-2014)
Subject: RE: Obit: Pete Seeger (1919-2014)
Enough already!

This thread needs a little balance:
He also celebrated a form of government that was responsible for the execution of tens of millions of innocent people and tortured e

ven more

es, IMHO, Pete Seeger was not patriot. He sang like he was for the poor and downtrodden, but in reality, he was a lover of big government. He most likely loved Obama, our beloved Dictator-in-chief. Pete Seeger loved seeing people on the government dole, living on the Democrat plantation of liberalism. He was totally clueless about the entrepreneurial spirit and freedom and liberty.
The sweetness of the candy coated bitter truth has carried on, and on....

Some snippets gathered from across the web:

..was just another Dennis Rodman type political whore, the only difference is he carried a banjo rather than a B-ball.

Pete Seeger was the champion of left-wing socialism which does nothing but keep the poor downtrodden and on the government dole. It probably would have been a good thing if Peter Seeger really had to work at a 40-hr a week job and learn something about capitalism

Just another rich elite Communist that could sing a neat little ditty. He celebrated the form of government that executed tens of millions of people and tortured just as many.

Personally, I think he knew he had been duped and is why he kept such a low profile.

. 50 million people wiped out in Stalin's purges

Yes, Seeger was a useful idiot. He parroted the Stalin line for decades and excused the Soviet Union atrocities. He was against our entrance into WWll until Hitler invaded the Soviet Union and Stalin ordered an about face from all the US commies.

The lefties posting above haven't a clue about the communist infiltration of our government and other institutions during the 30s, 40s and 50s. Most of them have never heard of Whittaker Chambers or Elizabeth Bentley. Perhaps they believe that Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs were innocent. I am sure they never read any of the contents of the Venona files, the KGB files or the Mitrokhin Archives. They surely never listened to the interviews of ex-KGB or FBI agents who were active at that time. I am sure that they are unaware that New Dealers like John Patton Davies, Harold Glasser, Lauchlin Currie, Laurence Duggan, Alger Hiss, Duncan Lee, Irving Goff, Owen Lattimore, Henry Wallace, Harry Dexter White, Victor Perlo, Lee Pressman, John Stewart Service, and about 400 other FDR and Truman hands were indeed working for ole Uncle Joe.

Pete Seegar is a sad product of the leftist media which for 60 years have pounded the American public with one simple message: Joe McCarthy bad -- Commie "patriots" good.

Recall that it was ...
Seeger who was the most distraught and tried to halt the proceedings, when Dylan decided to go electric

Stalin's Songbird"

Seeger joined the Communist Party in 1934 and worked for Stalin until the early 50s when he claimed he left the CPUSA. Stalin died in 1953.