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Posted By: Peter T.
23-Dec-00 - 04:31 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: Cereal Box Treasures.(nostalgia thread)
Subject: RE: Cereal Box Treasures.(nostalgia thread)
I always had good luck, except for the time I sent away for the one-man submarine.

One of the loony things that connects Rick and I is the Oak Island Mystery!!! (see thread). I first heard about it on the side of a box of Shreddies, which had a treasure map inside!! I forced my mother to buy them, and she forced me to eat the Shreddies -- worst cereal ever invented. I used to eat a bowl and go off and be sick. My mother eventually took pity on me and threw the box out. But I still had the map, which was not a map, but a cut-away diagram, packed with information -- no idea where it came from. It was on my wall for years.

The nicest ones I ever remember (still Canadian) were bird pictures you could get with RedRose Tea (I think). You could send away for an album, which I did. The pictures were fine, and the information was well written. I drank a lot of tea and learned a lot about birds.

yours, Peter T.