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Posted By: raheenranger
05-May-14 - 01:40 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Edward the Beauty and Boast of Athlone
Subject: RE: Origins: Edward the Beauty and Boast of Athlone
Formerly posted as Tony Monaghan (guest)

Was talking to Tony Holleran today about this song.
His opening line is:
"Come listen to me and give ear to my sorrow"
BTW: Having listened over and over to the Siney Crotty version, the best I can make of it is:
"Young me, sons and youths ...."
Verse 1 - line 4 "....with his killing arrow"
Tony never had the second verse as sung by Siney Crotty.
Verse 3 - line 4 he sings " I hope you will escort me ..."
Line 5 - He agrees with "mellow tone"
Verse 4 - -line 3 "until a comrade of mine our love did discover"
Verse 4 - line 4 He agrees with "mirth"
Verse 4 - line 6 "And to have us parted away from his home"

Tony also had only half of the last verse - last two lines as follows:
"And likewise his aged mother who took delight forever
In parting young Edward, the boast of Athlone"

Best I can do for the moment!!   Tony   BTW: To the best of Tony's memory, his version came a Mrs Moynihan near Mullingar.