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06-Jun-14 - 03:19 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Pendle, oh Pendle / Old Pendle
Subject: RE: Origins: Pendle, oh Pendle / Old Pendle
A couple of years ago I was looking for the lyrics to this song and surprise, surprise, I found them here on mudcat. On checking to see if there were any more verses, further down the thread I found a version with one more verse. The person who contributed this version was an E.Payne of Epworth folk club. I was at college with an Eric Payne who was a keen folk singer, so I contacted Mr Payne to see if it was the same person and was delighted to discover that it was indeed my old friend. Eric and I corresponded for some time, but then sadly he died, so I never got the opportunity to meet him again in person. However, I did sing Pendle, Old Pendle using his verse. For some unknown reason, that particular video has disappeared so I shall do another.

Old Pendle
Milton and Allen Lambert with extra verse by Eric Payne

Dm                      C         Dm   
Pendle, old Pendle, thou standest alone.
                            C          Am               
Twixt Burnley and Clitheroe, Whalley and Colne,
      Dm                      C         Am
Where Hodder and Ribble's fair waters do meet
    Dm                   Am          Dm               
With Barley and Downham content at thy feet.

Pendle, old Pendle, majestic, sublime
Thy praises shall ring till the end of all time
Thy beauty eternal, thy banner unfurled,
Th'art dearest and grandest old hill in the world

When witches fly out on a dark rainy night,
We'll not tell a soul, and we'll bar the door tight,
We'll sit near to t' fire, and keep ourselves warm
Until once again we can walk on thy arm.

Pendle, old Pendle, by moorland and fell
In glory and loveliness, ever to dwell
On life's faithful journey, where e'er I may be,
I'll pause in my labours, and oft think of thee.

And I dream of the days on your summit I walked
And climbing your cart track with Pendleside folk
And sleeping by wall sides encompassed by sheep.
And drinking cool water at springs where you weep