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Posted By: gnu
13-Jun-14 - 06:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
So. I am up ta yer Sobeys and only get in two good deeds. Off ta yer Coop. As I am walking ta the door, I spot a middle aged woman putting her last item in her car so I strode over and said, "Grab yer wallet, Maam, and I'll take the cart back for you. She reaches for her wallet and says, angrily, "I wasn't DONE, quite YET." after I had the cart about 6 feet toward the door. I turned and said, "That's why I told you to grab your wallet." The ensuing spew of crap from her led me to say, on my walk to the Coop, loudly, "Have a nice day." Then, while she was still ranting, I said, so she could not hear, "Stupid bitch." just as a gentleman was passing by on his way to his car, about ten feet away from me. She was still ranting but I was oblivious.

I began inspecting the hanging flower pots near the front door and the gentleman returned and approached me and asked me what she said. I recounted the encounter. Then, he recounted his encounter with her about 30 minutes prior upon parking at the Coop and added, "So, it isn't just you she is mad at... it's the world." Nice guy that took time out of his day to do a good deed. Made me feel good and I thanked him graciously.

What goes around comes around, eh? Good deeds included. Made my day.