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Posted By: gnu
15-Jun-14 - 01:32 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
It's near the little 2-thirty on the o'clock and I can't sleep. The RCMP didn't leave until near 1AM. Took a while for officer good lookin blond lady to take my statement.

I was havin a few ales whilst watchin the football game (soccer as you Yanks call it) and fell asleep in the chair as one often does whilst watchin the team with a one goal lead rag the puck in an adult game of keep-away. I woke nigh to midnight, proceeded to do the usual regimen... pee, floss, brush, gargle, check the perimeter. When I opened my back door to ensure all was secure, it was not. There was a person sitting on my back steps in what appeared to be a semi-conscious state. Closed and locked the door and dialed 911.

I'll forego the details but a lone HUGE RCMP officer arrived in a big van and said (when I got to the back door after talking to him out front), "Do not resist." and had his arm around buddy's neck. When he had him on the ground, knee in his back and holding both wrists with his massive left mitt, he said, "When a police officer tells you to do something, you don't resist." Buddy says, "I agree 110%. 115%." More details are available but not required for the gist of the story. Then a cruiser pulls up and... well... details are not important. What is important is the good looking blond lady RCMP (yes, even at such a time, I, being a male, was admiring her looks... sue me) took my statement and she wrote the works down which she then read back to me before I signed it and initialed the first page. That took a while.

Times have changed in the old hood. And I can't sleep and there's no football on the telly. Soooo, you gotta read this. Sorry.