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Posted By: gnu
18-Jun-14 - 02:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Sara Lee and me are bakin a Dutch Apple Pie. Well, it's not from Dutch Land. It's in that style. Boy OH boy it smells good. Yesterday, ran the new mini split heats pumps to ward off the semi-savage hot weather. Today, 15C, rain and a moderate breeze so the oven is welcome to supply the heat and the aroma. Them pies that Sara puts together are $4 on sale and, buddy (buddyettes?), no way ya could put such a pie together for that price unless ya had yer own orchard. Mum tell me they are deeeelicious. I wouldn't know on accounta I don't eat sweets at all. Oh, I know I will eventually develop a sweet tooth as I age. Just seems to happen from what I seen over the years with the old folks I know. I expect that when I get to Rap's age, I will be suckin on hard candy while I sleep.

Soon be time to cook the roast beef (boneless blade roast, spuds, carrots and turnip leftovers) hash. Why am I telling all and sundry on the internUt such? I dunno. I am bored. It's raining. My back and legs are in constant and moderately severe pain and every arthritic joint in my body is asking for relief but I refuse to give them pain killing drugs. Fuck em... pussies! All I have to do is clean this dump up and, well, youse all know I have a housework allergy. So, I bore youse with my constant and moderately severe drivel.

Heh. If you read all that, at ease, carry on... smoke em if ya got em.