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23-Jun-14 - 08:02 AM
Thread Name: folklore: Macananty 'King of the Fairies'
Subject: RE: folklore: Macananty 'King of the Fairies'
"Macananty: Fairy King of Scrabo Hill,

If you know scrabo hill like I do, there may be a place for you to see, if you stand on the tide bank wall, facing scrabo tower on top of scrabo hill, you will see where two quarry's where a long time ago, one on the left and one on the right, the quarry's have a flash point where there was a section in the middle of the hill that was not touched.

at night when raining only, at 3.33am, if you take a walk from the path that links both quarry's at the newly made stairs on the path, and walk up the hill taking a 33 degree heading and persevering 3 quarters of the way up you will come to what looks like a tomb with a small seating area in-font of the door, to make sure you are at the right place you will see a large scribed heart on the roof of the tomb above your head. touch the scribing and ask for what you need to make other peoples life better, be careful with your thoughts though as you can not ask for what you need or you can not stage the event.

once you have done this stand up and look the way you came up then quickly turn around...... remember be careful guys as this is stuff we just don't understand yet. Good luck

theirs a place down the portaferry road called temple of the winds, built before the large house next to it called mount Stewart, the temple of the winds is 9 miles away from scrabo but this is in complete sight of the hill, as it looks over the Strangford Lough, its relation with the the tower is secret, but after many years living in the area i started to pick up on the clues, as other people must have known about the true power of scrabo hill and not just Macananty,

when on floor 2 of the temple of the winds there is a wooded floor that is cordoned of so you cant walk on it. the detail on the floor is of a star with multipliable points, use your Iphone to plot the points GPRS location only on the 3 points that face the hill, then leave and resort to a map of the area, draw straight lines from each point crossing through the hill, taking into account the earth's curvature, then simply walk each line up the hill, you will find some crazy stuff, and i mean crazy, to me I think there is a grave there of King Khan, very very old, with no paths to be prepare to get mucky. have no idea who King Khan is its not king Kong lol. king khan. but strangely there is a other route that has a other surprise on it, that is to powerful to be wrote and can only be said.