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Posted By: Haruo
26-Dec-00 - 11:45 PM
Thread Name: Help: With 'Thee/Thou/Thy
Subject: RE: Help: With 'Thee/Thou/Thy
CamiSu and Snuffy (and of course all the rest of you) thanks for carrying on while I was busy doing the usual Christmas [avoiding the computer due to virus scares] and Boxing Day [working long hours to pay for Christmas] routines!

CamiSu, thanks for correcting my "thee are"; Quaker plain speech is not part of my experience, and while I had a hunch "art" would be wrong, I was wrong to guess "are" would be right. Thee is the expert.

Snuffy wrote, "English has never had a separate form to denote formal address only"; I would think being from the far side of the lake he would recall that we once had "milord" and "milady", which in pronominal use were strictly formal singular, I think. (And lest you object that those are not pronouns, consider Spanish, where the standard formal second-person pronoun in "Usted", which is a similar abbreviation of "Vuestra Merced" [your grace].)

And of course "me and him" as in "Me and him went to the store" is "incorrect and uneducated" only if the "and" is pronounced in full; in proper use, it's "me'n'im".