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Posted By: Joe Offer
05-Jul-14 - 02:11 AM
Thread Name: Who are the experts on Appalachian songs
Subject: RE: Who are the experts on Appalachian songs
Airymouse, your starting this thread was good motivation for me to get to work studying the songs on the CD you sent me. I was wondering if your "pretty Fair Maid" who's going milking, is a version of Dabbling in the Dew. It has elements of lots of different songs, including "Gypsy Davy" and Pretty Little Pink - and, of course, Pretty Fair Maid. Perhaps it would be an idea to post your lyrics for this one in a new thread, so we can explore it further.

Note that I've changed the songs in your list into links. When we're exploring a number of songs, it's probably best to do them individually, one thread per song.

Your "Old Crump" is clearly a version of the song we have posted as Oliver Cromwell. Could you post your version of the lyrics in the "Cromwell" thread?

You bring up a number of very interesting songs to explore, and the versions you have are all very interesting. Please post your versions in the appropriate threads. If you want MP3s posted for any of the songs, I can do that.