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Posted By: Jed at Work
27-Dec-00 - 04:07 PM
Thread Name: Bouzouki - What brand is best?
Subject: RE: Help: Bouzouki - What brand is best?
If you're lloking for a fine bouzouki go to Sobell. His are mostly custom, but he has a couple "off the shelf" models. They start at over $2500. Otherwise:

Freshwater looks very good.

Petersen makes some great instrumnets. I have played a few at NTIF. He is there nearly every year, and if you brinng cash, you may get a great deal at the festival.

Trinity College makes theirs off-shore in Korea and they sound pretty good. I've played one and was impressed with this low cost instrument's sound. (I believe this is the model that Steve of the Blarney's plays). Johnson, and Flatiron also make good models, and Weber will introduce one this year. I beleive you could find a good instrument by any of these guys. There are other custom shops, and small volume makers. The instruments may likely be very fine quality, and the price very high, as well.

Try the websites for each of the makers I listed above. Read up on what they say, then look on Ebay (you'll typically find 2 to 6 on there). And look also on Elderly Music. Good hunting!

I expect you'll pay as little as $500 and as much as $3000 (and more). You may do better looking for used ones, but they seem to be few and far between.