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Posted By: GUEST
14-Jul-14 - 01:25 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Chords Add: Blue Water Line (Graf & Seligson)
Subject: Lyr/Chords Add: BLUE WATER LINE

The (D) City Council (D7) met last night, the (G) vote was four to (D) three
To (D) tear the home town (Bm) depot down and (E7) build a factor (A7)y
To (D) take that stretch of (D7) history and (G) tear it off the(D) map
To (D) melt take old engine (Bm) number nine and (A7) turn it into (D)scrap

(D) Blue Water, Blue Water, Blue Water Line
(D) Blue Water, (Bm) Blue Water, (E7) Blue Water (A7) Line
If you (D) can't afford a (D7)quarter, then you (G) ought to give a (D) dime
If (D)everybody gave then we could save the … (A7)Blue Water (D) Line

Oh (D) I could tell you (D7) stories of the (G) glories of that (D) train
Of the (D) 49'er (Bm) miners and the (E7) time old Jesse (A7)James
Stole a (D) thousand golden (D7) nuggets in that (G) great train robber (D)y
And when (D) old Abe Lincoln (Bm) rode with (A7) Tad upon his (D)knee

Just (D) twenty thousand (D7) nickels and (G)forty thousand (D)dimes
We'll (D)ride again to (Bm) glory on that (E7)old Blue Water (A7)Line
We'll have (D)William Jennings (D7)Bryan stokin' (G)coal on number (D) nine
So (D) reach into your (Bm)pockets boys for the (A7) old Blue Water (D) Line
(on the last chorus, repeat last line)