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16-Jul-14 - 04:10 PM
Thread Name: Help: Camptown Races (Stephen Foster) Background
Subject: RE: Help: Camptown Races (Stephen Foster) Background
Hi there.
the original 'Camptown" WAS. drum roll please. and You will never guess this. IRVINTON NJ. IRVINTON was the location of a resort which featured the camptown race track.... upspringfield Ave, to summet. one straight line.

I grew up there, so you can say, I'm a camptown lady. The song was indicative of the antislavery movement; the stay at home wives who helped the slaves escape, and were asked by the husband, who spent the day at the races asked,"what happened to the slaves"?!

She answered " I dunnoe, I just clean the house..... do dah do dah.'
The town was renamed in dedication to Washington Irving who frequented the races. sadly, he never attended the dedication ceremony .

actually you can see remnants of Camptown's hey day....... If they are still there.
Two impressive move-houses (were opera houses).
"The Castle" , on Clinton ave. and The Chancellor. on chancellor Ave. if they are still there.

I left Campington, in 77

doh da